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Whitney Marshall

Campus Partnerships Executive

Whitney strives to leave the world a little brighter than what she found. She lives her life aspiring to help others access necessary resources to improve their quality of life. Whitney genuinely cares for the total well-being of others and has the heart to serve. Whether volunteering at a local animal shelter, exploring the great outdoors, brainstorming ways to make the world better, or just walking her dog, she always prioritizes others while ensuring she harnesses a balanced life. After working in residential life and property management for six years, Whitney realized she would be most impactful in advocating for mental health and wellness in higher education through technology. Whitney’s grit comes from her knowledge and passion for mental health. She has seen the need for mental health resources for students; from a personal and professional standpoint and is willing to help bridge the gap. Whitney’s tenacity speaks to her desire to be a part of the change for a better tomorrow.