There’s No Such Thing As Laziness

You’re a hard worker. You’re up early and you work late. You meet your deadlines. You do the work that others leave behind. You’re efficient, but you’re overwhelmed and maybe even burnt out.

You don’t need more coffee. You need a break.

Devon Price is a social psychologist and the author of the book Laziness Does Not Exist. On the Life Kit podcast, Price says the idea of laziness was created to promote worthiness tied to productivity. But instead, “laziness” should be seen as a sign to take a break.

“Laziness is usually a warning sign from our bodies and our minds that something is not working,” Price says. “The human body is so incredible at signaling when it needs something. But we have all learned to ignore those signals as much as possible because they’re a threat to our productivity and our focus at work.”

But by slowing down to listen to your gut, you can better prioritize what matters to you most. Don’t forget what’s important to you out of fear of being judged as “lazy.”