Well-Being Solutions
for the Whole Campus.


Solutions for the

Whole Campus.


A Full Continuum
of Campus Care

Well-Being is Personal

Connect and Belong

Any Crisis


The Foundation for Campus Success

The Campus Pulse

Analytics from our campus partnerships provide real-time insight into mental health trends that inform campus programming.

24/7 Access & Support

We offer around-the-clock access to holistic digital tools that support students, faculty, and staff, regardless of learning environment.

Rooted In Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our solutions are researched by professionals and vetted with students from diverse populations to ensure inclusive and equitable experiences.

Personalize Well-Being

Health is personal. We provide institutions with solutions that curate to the specific needs and demographics of its users.

Turnkey Promotional Tools

Our trusted marketing strategy, toolkit, and consultations drive adoption, engagement, and impact on campus.

100% Confidential & Secure

Each of our solutions maintain the highest security and accessibility standards to protect student data and ensure confidentiality.

Higher Ed Partnerships

YOU at College unifies campus support systems by delivering well-being impact at scale for students, faculty, and staff. Embraced by over 200 campuses, our science-backed solutions support academic and student affairs by addressing every unique campus need.

Student-Centered Design

From initial research, to concepting, to implementation, students are involved in every step of our design process, which allows us to create solutions that drive real behavior change in higher education. Contact us to learn more about our innovative, student-centered design philosophy.

Our Strategic Partner Network


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