YOU Student Success Impact

Explore the YOU for Students platform’s history of delivering student success and behavior change.


Impact Stories


Efficacy & Evaluation

Systemwide Impact at Scale

Beginning in April 2020, an innovative pilot with the California State University system saw the YOU platform support their comprehensive basic needs initiatives at 12 campuses. Explore unique insights from an independent evaluation at CSU Fullerton, focused on YOU’s efficacy in supporting diverse students, as well as data from CSU Long Beach about how YOU’s digital promotional tools and marketing best practices provided an effective intervention to the Cal State system during the start of COVID-19.

A Foundation for Student Success

Our public-private partnership with Colorado State University has seen over half a decade’s worth of reach and impact. Since launching campus-wide in 2016, YOU at CSU has seen 65,000+ unique users, 750,000+ self-check questions answered, and 60,000+ connections to vital resources. This mission-aligned partnership has been foundational for student success at Colorado State, as well as integral in driving our research and innovation to help our campus partner network.

Fostering Cultures of Well-Being

A report from the education research firm, EAB, explores how institutions of higher education can best cultivate cultures of well-being in light of COVID-19. Read about how EAB proposes the YOU platform as a personalized tool that exemplifies each of their strategic recommendations for creating campus-wide mental health and well-being support networks.

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