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Summer 2023 Webinars: Personalizing Student Journeys

By the YOU at College team, 7/12/2023

Personalizing Student Journeys: What Data Says About How Students Seek Well-Being Support

New survey data from our student network shows that 73% of students agreed that the YOU platform supports their mental health & well-being, and 68% agreed that access to the digital tools on YOU make them feel like well-being is a priority at their institution. Our mission is to comprehensively support student success in higher education through tools that: personalize well-being, promote self-care & resilience, and connect students to campus.

As we prepare for the upcoming semester, join YOU at College’s Senior Partnership Manager – Mia Trentadue, MPH – and Director of Content Experience – James Larcus, MA, NBC-HWC – as they explore new student survey data and analytics from the YOU platform from the 2022-2023 academic year to help higher education leaders better understand:

• What kinds of mental health & well-being support students are seeking (most-explored content areas, engagement with skill-building activities, and connection to campus resources).

• How aggregate data from our network informs our comprehensive content approach to ensure we deliver tools students want and need.

• How our innovative, student-centered approach to well-being is building happier, healthier campus communities.

Check out the event details section of this page to register! If you are interested in learning more about how YOU for Students can support your campus, schedule a demo or reach out to

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