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University of Michigan Lab Blog: Working together to improve college mental health

By the YOU at College Team, 3/29/2022

Read the article on The University of Michigan Health Lab blog.

In conjunction with the Depression on College Campuses Conference, our own Nathaan Demers, Psy.D. was interviewed by the University of Michigan’s Health Lab Blog about how institutions can collaborate and work to improve college students mental health. In the article, they discuss how mental health has changed in higher ed, ways campuses can improve mental health supports, and how they can reach specific students who need additional help. Check out an excerpt from Nathaan’s answer below and read more on the blog.

Mental health is being talked about in ways and in spheres it never has before. I am hopeful that this trend continues while also ensuring the field of digital health maintains its roots in providing rigorously tested care. Medicine realized that treating high cholesterol is better than treating heart attacks in the ER. Similarly, let’s strive for ways to alleviate stress, mild depression, anxiety, substance use, etc., before it becomes an issue. We are at a point in time where we need to focus on creating and encouraging students to find positive digital experiences, as opposed to any digital experiences that are entertaining. Education on the difference is also essential. Whether that be through evidence-based apps, using technology to facilitate connections that would not otherwise be possible (i.e. connecting with friends from high school who are at another college), or engaging in meaningful dialogue about meaningful experiences.”

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