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Wall Street Journal: College Students Have to Learn How to Make Small Talk Again

By the YOU at College Team, 2/12/2022

Read the article in The Wall Street Journal.

An article in The Wall Street Journal explores how remote learning and a growing dependence on screen time have driven an increase feelings of anxiety amongst college students, forcing a growing divide in how students build relationships and interact in the real world. The article explores how tools like our Nod App are improving students lives by leveraging technology to help with skill-building and generating ideas for students to take into their real world experiences, breaking the cycle of disconnection caused by the pandemic. See an excerpt below, and read the article in The Wall Street Journal to learn how Nod is uniquely positioned to help students interact and build relationships.

“Parents and psychologists were already concerned that phone usage was negatively affecting social-skill development among young people, even before the pandemic, according to Danielle Ramo, chief clinical officer at BeMe Health, a mobile platform for teen mental health. In a previous job, she helped develop an app called Nod to help college students improve their social lives by challenging them to do things like smile at five new people or keep their dorm-room doors open in the evening.”

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