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WCET Frontiers Blog: Personalizing Well-Being and Success for Every Student

By the YOU at College Team, 9/21/2018

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YOU at College shares how human-centered research through a public/private partnership allowed for a fresh solution to a widespread and complex challenge.

“Grit Digital Health partnered with Colorado State University to find a solution to help our students succeed. We started with a year-long research process to get an accurate snapshot of the challenges impacting the mental health, well-being, and academic achievement of today’s students. What surfaced were extremely simple but eye-opening insights:

  • Mental health challenges in college don’t occur in a vacuum,
  • Students turn to the internet as their first place for support both as digital natives and due to the fact that it’s a lot less intimidating than talking to a parent or counselor; and,
  • Every student is unique in their strengths and risk factors necessitating equally personalized solutions.”

Check out the article.

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