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YOU at UNLV: A One-stop App for All Your Mental Health Resource Needs

By the YOU at College Team, 3/2/2023

The YOU for Students platform is designed to personalize well-being for every student, provide direct access to vital tools and resources for success, and bring campus communities together. It was co-designed with students in higher education to ensure it is delivering the mental health and well-being tools that students both want and need.

A new article from our partners at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas explores how YOU at UNLV is a one-stop shop for student support and campus connection. It also showcases how UNLV got cross-departmental support to bring the platform to campus, and how they explored different funding options and institutional buy-in to ensure successful promotion, engagement, and adoption.

Click here to explore the full article and check out a brief excerpt below.

On a campus as large as UNLV, it can feel overwhelming to figure out the right office or person to tap into for help — particularly when you’re already dealing with a stressful situation.

That’s where YOU @ UNLV comes in. The app, which is available to students, faculty, and staff, works a lot like your average TV streaming device by conveniently centralizing all of UNLV’s wellness resources in one place. Sharon Jalene, associate dean of academic and student affairs in the School of Integrated Health Sciences, helped champion getting the platform launched at UNLV. 

“It’s the wayfinder for students and employees to find the resources they need,” says Jalene. “It’s not trying to duplicate, replicate, or take over other resources. It helps centralize all of UNLV’s [mental health] resources and provides additional support for things we’ve yet to develop.”

The YOU at College app was originally developed through a public-private partnership between Grit Digital Health and Colorado State University. The School of Integrated Health Sciences has been piloting the initiative in partnership with Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). 

Jalene, who initially applied for a grant to pay for the application’s subscription fee, reached out to associate vice president for Student Wellness Jamie Davidson and CAPS director Shauna Landis for assistance with funding over the next three years. One dollar of the $50 special fee students pay per semester toward CAPS goes to YOU @ UNLV. . .

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