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BerkeleyHass Case Series: 2023 Best Case Award

By the YOU at College Team, 5/16/2023

YOU at College is excited to announce that a case study published by the BerkeleyHaas School of Business titled “Hope and Grit: How Human-Centered Product Design Enhanced Student Mental Health” has been awarded the 2023 Best Case Award. The Case Study focused on YOU at College’s partnership with Hopelab – a social innovation lab focused on the mental health of young people – to develop Nod as a first-of-its-kind tool design to address and buffer the loneliness and depression of college students.

Highlighting Nod as a “tech for good” project, this unique case study showcases how a unique human-centered design process allowed Nod to bring the core needs of users to the forefront. In designing an app that college students needed to help them with loneliness and isolation, Nod also had the added benefits of addressing depression, anxiety, and retention for institutions of higher education. Through the application of systems thinking, Nod was able to address the psychological underpinnings of loneliness and depression, helping to improve target outcomes for diverse student populations. Check out some feedback on the case study below:

This topic is timely and this case offers an a solution that can be replicated. As a country, we are seeing higher rates of mental health conditions that exceed the resources available to address these, especially among younger cohorts. This case uses a human centered design approach that was developed here at Haas to address a quality that is highly ranked among employers as a key contributor to success: grit.

– Anonymous Feedback from the BerkeleyHass School of Business

For more information, check out the case study. If you’re interested in learning how to bring Nod to your campus, schedule a demo today!

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