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YOU at College | June 2022 Webinars

By the YOU at College team, 6/1/2022

Navigating Life & Campus: A data-driven approach to student success through the pandemic and beyond.

While the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated mental health concerns in higher ed, historical data suggests this as the continuation of a troubling trend rather than a singular incident. In light of COVID-19, the YOU platform has evolved alongside higher ed to ensure we continued our history of delivering impact to support student well-being and success.

Join Mia Trentaude, MPH and Nathaan Demers, Psy.D. as they explore new insights from our YOU campus survey to offer understanding into how student needs have evolved throughout COVID-19, as well as data-driven strategies for how campus leaders can best support student well-being and success moving forward. See event details and registration links in the sidebar.

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