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(Re)Introducing HelpCompass: Campus Crisis Navigation Made Easy

By the YOU at College Team, 4/13/2023

DENVER, APRIL 12, 2023 –

A tool co-developed with University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus helps users navigate to the right campus crisis support in just a few clicks.

For the past decade, mental health on college campuses has seen a consistent decline. According to the Healthy Minds Network, since 2013 college students have reported a 135% increase in depression, a 110% increase in anxiety, and a doubling of the number of students who meet the criteria for one or more mental health problems. Research shows that there is growing strain on institutions to effectively provide support because oftentimes students don’t know where to turn on campus to access relevant resources for their specific needs, or they don’t believe that their unique circumstance qualifies as a crisis. 

To solve this problem, YOU at College, the University of Colorado Denver, and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus set out on a two-year research and development effort to design a digital tool that streamlines the way community members connect to crisis resources in times of need. Our tool, initially launched as FindHelpNow in 2021, has connected thousands of students, faculty, and staff to relevant crisis resources in their campus communities. After spending more than a year implementing this tool at institutions nationwide, and reflecting on our initial user research, YOU at College has made the decision to rebrand FindHelpNow as HelpCompass effective immediately.

Why HelpCompass? When designing the tool, our joint-team with CU Denver and CU Anschutz conducted a thorough research process and brand audit. The name HelpCompass performed extremely well in our user testing and more effectively reflects the way we want students, faculty, and staff members to feel when they are using our tool in a crisis situation. Namely, that they have a trusted guide, with the look and feel of a campus tool, to help them navigate any challenging situation they’re facing. After much internal research and consideration, our team believes that this rebrand is the best approach to effectively communicating what the tool does and how it can help anyone navigate a crisis.

How does HelpCompass support campus communities? Life gets hard. With HelpCompass, finding help is now easy. Designed as a completely anonymous crisis navigation tool available 24/7/365, HelpCompass centralizes dispersed information and resources for any institution, and helps anyone on campus navigate crisis by:

  1. Identifying Who’s In Need – HelpCompass is designed to support those trying to help themselves or someone else, no matter the shape or size of the crisis. 
  2. Defining Support Areas – We worked with clinicians and campus stakeholders to define a comprehensive set of topic areas that lead to crisis. With a few simple clicks, users can endorse their unique needs and start navigating to care.
  3. Connecting to Support – In a process that takes less than 60 seconds, users can anonymously explore all available resources and immediately connect to relevant support.

As one CU Denver administrator noted, “We want our community to know that it is normal to ask for and to seek help. Whatever is on your shoulders, you don’t have to carry it alone. We’re proud to introduce this state-of-the-art support tool that truly feels embedded in our campus life, normalizing help-seeking behavior for our whole campus.”

Next Steps. To explore how HelpCompass can reinvent crisis triage for your institution, please schedule a demo with our team or email us at Additionally, you can click here to learn more about HelpCompass and how it can integrate in your campus support network.

About YOU at College. YOU at College offers a suite of scalable, research-backed, and efficacious solutions designed to help campuses thrive. Combining world-class digital experiences with effective engagement strategies, our solutions – YOU for Students, YOU for Faculty & Staff, Nod, and HelpCompass – offer holistic well-being tools that ensure success for the whole campus. YOU at College was developed by Grit Digital Health, LLC.

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