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Stringent Privacy Protections of YOU at College Mitigate Threats to Student Confidentiality

By the YOU at College Team, 1/15/2020

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College well-being platform goes to great lengths to secure student data.

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2020 / — Amidst the greater conversation regarding data security occurring in the media, Grit Digital Health – developer of the YOU at College well-being platform – is highlighting the stringent privacy protections the platform utilizes to ensure that all user data is secure and completely confidential.

“Our product team includes behavioral health experts as well as seasoned software engineers, so we understand and value the importance of student privacy from multiple viewpoints,” said Joe Conrad, Chief Executive Officer of YOU at College. “We want everyone to understand that YOU at College is a confidential platform, period.”

When students opt-in to use YOU at College, the platform collects basic user information (name, email address, etc.). This information is collected to allow our platform to enable secure access and personalized resources for individual users. In addition, YOU collects product usage data (clicks, time spent on the site, search terms, etc.) each time a student uses the platform. However, YOU at College’s comprehensive privacy defenses protect this information from risk. For example:

• Data like names and email addresses are always encrypted in order to protect the student’s identity.
• We restrict our team’s access to student data, limiting access of confidential information to only key development staff.
• Our product analytics use aggregate data and prevents displaying small results sizes.
• Finally, no YOU at College information is ever sold to any outside third party.

“Our sole purpose for existing is to help students feel secure and confident as they navigate the challenges of college life, and we can’t do that if students don’t feel safe using the platform,” said Conrad. “We recognize that online privacy is a huge issue today, and it’s why we have worked diligently to ensure YOU at College protects the

privacy of students using the platform. We would never put at risk our mission or student security.”

YOU at College works closely with campus IT teams to provide documentation and meet or exceed requirements for data encryption, penetration and vulnerability assessment, security policies and accessibility.

Developed through a public-private partnership, YOU at College is a comprehensive well-being web solution that promotes student health and success. Now utilized on more than 55 campuses nationwide, the platform is customized for campus partners and personalized to the specific needs of students. Surveys of students using the platform show that 98 percent of first-year users learned a new skill or resource to help them succeed. In addition, 76 percent of students reported improved stress management and 87 percent reported learning of campus resources they had previously not utilized.

About YOU at College
YOU at College is a student-centric digital platform that connects students to the right resources at the right time to address the well-being challenges facing every campus. YOU helps students design their ultimate college experience by comprehensively addressing academics, physical and mental health and campus connections.

YOU at College was developed by Grit Digital Health, LLC in partnership with Colorado State University. For more information, visit

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