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The Denver Post: Student mental health and well-being is a critical issue on every campus

By the YOU at College Team, 5/22/2019

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Dr. Tony Frank reflects on his legacy as President of Colorado State University and urges every campus to do more to support student well-being.

“The key finding from the research was clear: everyone is on their own journey, wrestling with their own personal issues. We realized it wasn’t just about mental health, but about supporting students in a more comprehensive way. This led to a number of critical initiatives – including the launch of a mobile food pantry, expanded counseling resources, enhanced support for student veterans, an increase in scholarship aid for our lowest-income students, a focus on high-impact practices that support student success, and an overriding message that Rams Take Care of Rams.

Still, we saw gaps in our ability to leverage all of these resources in a way that was easily accessible to students. With that in mind, CSU entered into a unique public/private partnership with Grit Digital Health. Together, we developed “YOU at College,” a digital solution that personalizes well-being for each student. The portal –– called YOU@CSU on our campus –– takes a comprehensive approach to well-being by providing utility for each student across three domains of wellness: Succeed (academic and career success), Thrive (mental and physical health) and Matter (meaning and campus connections). It supports students with whatever challenge, no matter how big or small, creating an accessible, all-in-one tool to help students.”

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