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Joe Conrad

Founder & CEO

Joe Conrad is a creative entrepreneur and a digital health pioneer and he believes that the power of innovation and technology can solve any problem. He is the Founder and CEO at Grit Digital Health –– a team of specialists in behavioral health, wellness, technology and marketing committed to transcending barriers like stigma and access to help people get the support they need, when and how they need it.Joe and his team are the creators of Man Therapy, an innovative and award-winning campaign that uses humor to engage working-age men and an immersive, entertaining, digital experience where therapy actually happens. In 2016 Grit Digital Health launched YOU @ College, a personal and customized well-being portal that helps students navigate life and campus. Since 1990, Joe has led the charge at Cactus, a purpose-driven branding and creative agency with the mission of growing brands that help people thrive. Cactus has developed a reputation of one of the nation’s leading social marketing agencies by leveraging power of branding, creative and technology to make meaningful work that makes a huge impact.