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The Chronicle of Higher Education: Students of Color Are Not OK.

By the YOU at College Team, 7/6/2020

Read the article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

YOU at College’s VP and Director of Clinical Programs, Nathaan Demers, PsyD, speaks to the importance of decreasing stigma and increasing help-seeking behaviors for students in the upcoming fall semester — especially those from historically marginalized groups.

“Some colleges are turning to online platforms to try to reach students before they spiral into anxiety or depression. More than 120 institutions are offering You at College, which compiles mental-health and well-being resources tailored to campuses.

Nathaan Demers, a former campus psychologist who’s now vice president and director of clinical programs at Grit Digital Health, which worked with Colorado State University to develop You at College three years ago, said students’ use of the platform increased by 153 percent in the first five weeks of the pandemic compared with the previous three months.

The platform recently added resources that address the racial-injustice crisis, on how to make one’s voice heard effectively and how to maintain self-care as an activist. California State University at Fullerton conducted a study this spring and found that students of color used the You at College platform at a higher rate than white students did, Demers said.

Students can use You at College on their phones, and they can do so privately, which is especially important for students who are staying with their families and wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking with a therapist in that environment, he said.”

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