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Inside Higher Ed: Traditional Models of Care Are Not Enough

By the YOU at College Team, 5/5/2022

Read the article on Inside Higher Ed.

A recent op-ed written by Jody Donovan – Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and YOU Campus Partner – explores how institutions of higher education can innovate and prioritize student needs by expanding beyond traditional models of support and focusing on more inclusivity. In the article, Jody notes how CSU’s co-development of the YOU for Students platform was integral for their campus to meet the needs of diverse students and ultimately create a more-cohesive, campus-wide approach to supporting mental health and well-being. Check out the excerpt below and read the article.

By building up diverse support channels, we have been able to prioritize student success and create additional access points for students to seek the help they need in a timely manner. The most overt way we have addressed this is through co-developing the YOU platform as a way to provide 24-7 access to digital, upstream mental health and well-being tools that personalize to each individual’s unique identities and experiences. At CSU, we found that to effectively meet the needs of our diverse students, the best approach was through a confidential and anonymous tool that allowed them to explore timely mental health resources that were relevant to their identities, regardless of if they ever stepped foot in the counseling center. This approach has allowed us to decrease stigma and barriers to help seeking, knowing that some students will be able to access the support they need within the platform and others will be referred to the appropriate support services.”

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